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Gacha Club (previously known as Gacha Life 2) is the culmination of many of Lunime's games. They have combined elements from Gacha World, Gacha Resort, and Gacha Life to create the ultimate role-playing game. Elements from RPGs, battles, and mini games complement its robust character creation system. With over 100 characters and 600 poses, you get get the party started with your own anime styled avatars. All the customization options are 100% free!

Unlimited customization options

Once you’re on Gacha Club, you’ll automatically receive 10 studio-ready characters. These will appear on the left-side while the options for editing and saving characters are on the right. These allow you to swap the active avatar for one of your stored ones. You’ll see that there are 90 additional slots or default main characters. These can be changed later on as your progress in the game. Other settings are at the bottom of the main page.

Similar to other Lunime games, you can create scenes with 10 of your characters. They must come from the main character slots before you can drag them in. In addition, you can only activate or one scene at a time. Gacha Club remedies this by allowing you to save scenes and load them later. Once you’re ready to create a scene, tap on the avatar to place them in the scene. 

Additional details can be added through the Objects and Pets options. You can add unlimited amount of objects but pets can only be added one at a time, not including pets that were attached to an avatar during character creation. Other attachments to your characters are their narration, favorite battle units, favorite club, and decorative titles. The narration option creates chat options for the characters that appear on the entire screen. 

Create your own cute world! 

Gacha Club is a suitable game for anime enthusiasts. This casual game allows you to create your own stories and characters through its extensive selection of accessories, outerwear, and chat options; however, the game does not support multiplayer mode. It also does not have a social networking feature where you can interact with other players. 


  • Offers 100 free characters
  • Overs 600+ accessories, outfits, and poses
  • Organized user interface


  • Lacks multiplayer option
  • Lacks social media network features

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